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I love all the guesses coming in for the print giveaway! Unfortunately, no one has guessed the right combo. I told you it wouldn't be easy! So, because Chester is throwing everyone off, I'm going to share a few hints. If you have already sent in your answers, you can try again. There is no limit to guesses.

1. Charmed is correct! A show about sister witches? Yeah, I loved it! 2. Not Sabrina, though I did like the show. 2. The smart one. The pretty one. The sweet one. The mean one. 3. Check out the girls' middle names. There is a hint with each one. ESPECIALLY ELLERY!I'm extending the entry time to Sunday, March 8th, at midnight because I know this second show is a hard one!Good luck, my goobies! Keep guessing!

*BONUS HINT* I never said both shows were about witches... ;)

Q: On which TWO 1990s television shows did I base the Witches of Whisper Grove?

ENTER HERE for a chance to win signed print editions of The Witches of Whisper Grove!

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