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Chapter two snippet! (unedited)

WITCH SLAPPED is getting closer and closer! Check out the excerpt below and preorder to get it delivered to your e-reader Feb. 2th!

“Unless you want to set off a witch hunt, I’d recommend not being so honest with humans.” The one across from Nice Ass rolled a set of ghostly pale green eyes. She was short, thin, and had hair as dark as the tunnels. “Believe me. I did you a favor.”


A litany of WTFs rolled through his head. He squinted at the woman he could see. What was that behind her? It moved with her like a shadow but was lighter and transparent.

“I seem to be racking those up tonight,” Nice Ass stated, crossing her arms.

“You really do.” The other woman turned a circle, appearing to scan the room.

His breath stuck in his lungs. He blinked once, twice, then a third time, certain his eyes were playing tricks on him. Nope. The girl had a pair of wings. They were translucent, outlined in little sparks along the edges, and they rustled as though a breeze was rolling through the room.

Holden jolted when she cranked her head around, taking aim at him with those spooky eyes. Time halted as they stared at each other. Then with a cheery, “I assume you can find your way out,” she fluttered her wings and vanished.

Nice Ass let out a shuddering sigh before turning toward him with a “Damn you, Lonnie.”

If he thought his heart had stuttered at seeing the angel, it came to a jarring stop when he realized Nice Ass was Mallory Saffron Winther.

Yeah, he knew her full name. He’d gone out of his way to learn as much as he could after spotting her with Tyr at lunch the other day. It hadn’t taken much digging since everyone at school was buzzing about the Winther sisters moving into the abandoned estate house. Her birthday was January thirteenth, making her and her twin sister, Ellery, Capricorns. Not the meanest astrological sign out there, but when he’d stopped by her lunch table to say hi to Tyr, Holden had made the mistake of smiling at her, and she’d pretty much handed him his proverbial nuts. After squashing them.

He’d been smitten ever since.






I love these two! Let me know what you think, my lovelettes! <3



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